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@D Animation Short Courses at the Animated Arts Learning Institute



2D Animation Short Courses in Toon Boom Harmony

AALI's short introductory courses provide an excellent foundation for aspiring animators and artists looking to explore the world of 2D animation. The "Introduction to Toon Boom Harmony" course serves as a gateway to mastering the powerful animation software, guiding students through its interface, tools, and features needed to create high-quality animation. Participants can proceed at their own pace, allowing for a flexible and personalized learning experience.


In the "Introduction to Character Design for 2D Animation" course, students unleash their creativity to craft dynamic and captivating characters. With the freedom to utilize any digital art software, such as Krita, Photoshop, or Clip Studio Paint, learners gain a solid understanding of character design principles like anatomy, proportion, and perspective. Participants can even use traditional tools such as sketchbooks and pencils. This course empowers budding artists to breathe life into their creations, equipping them with the skills necessary to engage audiences through their animated characters.


The "Introduction to Animation in Toon Boom Harmony" course focuses on the art of bringing characters to life through movement. By exploring the fundamental animation principles of timing, spacing, and keyframes, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the animation process. This course serves as a steppingstone for aspiring animators, allowing them to develop essential skills and unleash their creativity using Toon Boom Harmony software.


In the "Introduction to Rigging in Toon Boom Harmony" course, students dive into the technical aspects of animation by creating digital puppets. This critical step enables animators to manipulate characters' body parts seamlessly without redrawing them in each frame. With Toon Boom Harmony as their canvas, students learn to construct intricate rigs using various deformers and controls, resulting in fluid and expressive animation. This course unlocks the potential for animators to streamline their workflow, making character rigging an essential tool in their artistic toolkit.

Introduction to Toon Boom Harmony Couses at the Animated Arts Learning Institute
Introduction to Character Design for 2D Animation at the Animated Arts Learning Institute
Introduction to 2D Animation in Harmony course at the Animated Arts Learning Institute
Introduction toRigging in Harmony course at the Animated Arts Learning Institute
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