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Appeals Policy and Procedures


The Animated Arts Learning Institute (AALI) is dedicated to fairness, transparency, and the right of individuals to seek redress. This policy outlines the process for appealing academic and administrative decisions that affect students, faculty, or staff members.

Policy Objective

To provide a clear, equitable framework for the submission and resolution of appeals within the AALI community, ensuring that all parties are heard and treated fairly.


This policy applies to all students, faculty, and staff members of AALI who seek to appeal academic decisions, including but not limited to grades, academic standing, and disciplinary actions, as well as administrative decisions related to admissions, registration, and other services.


Appeal: A formal request for the review of a decision made by an academic or administrative body or individual within AALI.

-    Accessibility: Information on how to initiate an appeal is readily available and accessible to all members of the AALI community.
-    Transparency: The appeals process is conducted transparently, with clear guidelines and timelines.
-    Impartiality: Appeals are reviewed by an impartial committee or individual not involved in the original decision.
-    Confidentiality: All appeal proceedings are conducted with respect for the privacy of those involved.

Appeals Procedure

 Stage 1: Preliminary Review
1.    Initial Concern: Before initiating a formal appeal, the individual should attempt to resolve the concern informally with the party responsible for the initial decision.
2.    Guidance: If the issue remains unresolved, the individual may seek guidance from an impartial committee or individual not involved in the original decision as appropriate, to understand the formal appeals process.

Stage 2: Formal Appeal Submission
1.    Filing an Appeal: To initiate a formal appeal, the individual must complete the Appeal Form, available on the AALI website .
2.    Submission: The completed form, along with any supporting documentation, must be submitted to the Advisory Committee within 15 business days of the initial decision.

Stage 3: Appeal Review
1.    Acknowledgment: The Advisory Committee will acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 5 business days, providing a reference number for tracking.
2.    Evaluation: The committee will review the appeal, considering all relevant documentation and statements. This may involve a hearing where the appellant can present their case.
3.    Decision: The Appeals Committee aims to reach a decision within 20 business days of the acknowledgment. If more time is required, the appellant will be informed of the delay and the anticipated decision date.

Stage 4: Final Resolution
1.    Notification: The appellant will be notified in writing of the committee's decision, along with an explanation of the reasons behind the decision.
2.    Record Keeping: A record of the appeal and its outcome will be maintained for institutional accountability and continuous improvement purposes.


The appeals process is confidential, and information will only be shared with individuals directly involved in the review and resolution of the appeal.

Monitoring and Reporting
The Appeals Committee will monitor the appeals process, ensuring adherence to policy guidelines and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Contact Information:

Animated Arts Learning Institute (AALI)
Phone: 1 (246) 242-0426 (WhatsApp)

This policy is effective as of 31st December 2023 and underscores AALI's commitment to fairness and justice within our academic and administrative processes.

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