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Award of Qualifications and Credits Policy


The Animated Arts Learning Institute (AALI) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and excellence. This policy outlines the criteria and procedures for the award of qualifications and credits to students enrolled in our programs, ensuring transparency, fairness, and consistency in the evaluation of student achievements.


This policy applies to all students enrolled in any program offered by AALI, including but not limited to certificates and diplomas in the field of animation and related disciplines.

1.    Award of Credits

a.    Credit Accumulation: Students earn credits for each successfully completed course that is part of their program curriculum. The number of credits awarded for each course is determined by the course's complexity, duration, and learning outcomes.
b.    Continuous Assessment: Credits are awarded based on continuous assessment throughout the course, which may include assignments, projects, quizzes, exams, and practical work, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the student's understanding and application of course material.

2.    Award of Qualifications

a.    Completion Requirements: Qualifications are awarded upon the successful completion of all program requirements, including the attainment of the required number of credits, fulfillment of specific course requirements, and satisfaction of any practical or work experience prerequisites.
b.    Final Evaluation: Prior to the award of any qualification, a final evaluation is conducted to ensure that all academic and administrative requirements have been met, including the clearance of any outstanding fees or dues.
c.    Qualification Standards: The award of qualifications is contingent upon students achieving the established academic standards and competencies defined for their program, ensuring that graduates possess the knowledge, skills, and professionalism expected in the animation industry.

Appeals and Grievances

Students have the right to appeal decisions related to the award of credits and qualifications in accordance with the AALI Appeals Policy and Procedures. Appeals must be submitted in writing via email to within 30 days of the decision. The appeals process will be conducted in a fair, impartial, and timely manner.

Reviews and Amendments

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of AALI students. Feedback from students, faculty, and staff will be considered in the ongoing development and improvement of student support services.

Contact Information:

Animated Arts Learning Institute (AALI)
Phone: 1 (246) 242-0426 (WhatsApp)

This policy is effective as of 31st December 2023 and affirms AALI's commitment to upholding the highest standards of academic excellence and integrity in the award of qualifications and credits.

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