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Intellectual Property Rights Guidelines for Students at AALI


The purpose of these guidelines is to establish clear and fair practices for protecting the intellectual property rights of students at the Animated Arts Learning Institute (AALI). These guidelines ensure that students retain ownership rights to their creative works, fostering an environment of innovation and respect for individual creativity.

1. Ownership of Student-Created Work:

All original works created by students at AALI, including animations, illustrations, scripts, and other creative outputs, are the intellectual property of the student creators.

AALI does not claim ownership over student works unless agreed upon in a separate, specific agreement (e.g., collaborative projects with the institute).

2. Use of Student Work by AALI:

AALI may request the use of student works for educational, promotional, or exhibition purposes.

Such use will always require the explicit, written consent of the student.
Students have the right to decline such requests without any negative consequences to their academic standing or institute-related activities.

3. Licensing and Attribution:

If a student agrees to allow AALI to use their work, the terms of use, including the scope, duration, and purpose, must be clearly defined in a written agreement.
All uses of student work by AALI will properly attribute the creator unless the student requests anonymity.

4. Protection of Work:

Students are encouraged to register their works with appropriate intellectual property offices or utilize copyright notices as applicable.

AALI commits to educating students about their intellectual property rights and the methods to protect these rights.

5. Collaborative Works:

For works created collaboratively by students, or between students and faculty, the ownership rights will be shared as agreed upon by all contributing parties in a written agreement.

AALI encourages fair and transparent discussions among collaborators to establish ownership and usage rights.

6. External Projects and Competitions:

Students retaining intellectual property rights of their work are free to submit their creations to external projects, competitions, or publications.

AALI may assist in providing opportunities but does not claim rights over works submitted externally.

7. Dispute Resolution:

In the event of a dispute regarding intellectual property rights, the parties involved should seek resolution through the institute's designated mediator.

AALI is committed to facilitating fair and equitable solutions in such disputes.

8. Policy Review and Updates:

These guidelines are subject to periodic review and may be updated to reflect changes in intellectual property law and the evolving needs of the AALI community.

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