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Cherisse started her career in animation in 2011. She received training and mentorship from certified animation tutors at Toon Boom in order to start honing her skills. With an Associate's Degree in Fine Arts/Visual Arts, she was able to take her studies into the world of animation and enhance her skills while working as a 2D animator and character designer. Going on to work on productions for local, regional, and international clients. She has worked on shows such as F is for Family, Chomp Squad by Hasbro, People Watching, Trailer Park Boys, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, and Wolf Joe.

Introduction to Character Design for 2D Animation(DESIGN_101)

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About this course

This introductory course in Character Design is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning how to create dynamic and engaging characters for animation. It allows learners to use any type of digital art software to complete the coursework. E.g., Krita, Photoshop, Clip Art Studio, etc. Or simple paper and pencil will also suffice. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of character design, including the principles of anatomy, proportion, and perspective. Why take this course? In this course students will discover the essentials of anatomy, proportion, and perspective as they breathe life into their characters. Whether they’re a novice or a seasoned artist, this course empowers you to craft captivating characters that excel in the world of animation. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: • Plot and sketch ideas. • Create characters using shape language. • Refine character sketches. • Create character expressions.




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