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Scholarship and Financial Aid Policy


The Animated Arts Learning Institute (AALI) is committed to fostering talent and supporting students in achieving their academic and professional aspirations in the field of animation. This policy outlines the criteria and procedures for awarding the AALI Merit-Based Scholarship and the AALI Needs-Based Financial Assistance to eligible students.


 Eligibility Criteria

-    Applicant Status: Must have paid the Registration & Orientation fee and be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a full-time program at AALI.
-    Talent in Animation: Demonstrated exceptional skills in animation, evidenced by a portfolio showcasing creativity, technical skills, and storytelling abilities.
-    Academic Achievement: A minimum Grade 2 in Art at CXC or an equivalent in their most recent academic program.
-    Commitment to Animation Career: A personal statement detailing the applicant's passion for animation, career aspirations, and the impact of the scholarship.
-    Letters of Recommendation: Minimum of two letters from educators, mentors, or industry professionals attesting to the applicant's talent and dedication to animation.

 Application Process

-    Complete the AALI Merit-Based Scholarship application form.
-    Submit a portfolio of animation work.
-    Include academic transcripts, a personal statement, recommendation letters, and any certificates of awards or recognitions.
-    Submit the application by the specified deadline.

Award Details

The scholarship amount is based on the quality of the application and available funds.
Review and Selection
Selection is based on artistic talent, academic achievements, commitment to animation, and potential to contribute to the field.

 FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (Needs Based Scholarship)

 Eligibility Criteria

-    Applicant Status: Must have paid the Registration & Orientation fee and be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a full-time program at AALI.
-    Financial Need: Demonstrable significant financial need impacting the ability to pursue education at AALI.
-    Academic Performance: Applicants must maintain satisfactory academic standing.
-    Personal Statement: A statement outlining the need for financial assistance, educational and career goals in animation, and the expected impact of the scholarship.
-    References: At least two references who can attest to the applicant's character, potential, and financial situation.

Application Process

-    Complete the AALI Financial Assistance Form.
-    Attach required documentation, including a personal statement and reference letters.
-    Submit the application by the specified deadline.

Award Details

-    Scholarship amounts vary based on demonstrated financial need and available funding.

Review and Selection
-    Selection is based on financial need, academic performance, and potential contribution to the field of animated arts.

 General Provisions

-    All scholarship applicants must adhere to AALI's academic and conduct standards.
-    Scholarships are awarded for one academic year and may be renewable based on continued eligibility.
-    Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
-    Decisions by the scholarship committee are final and not subject to appeal.


Contact Information

For questions or more information regarding scholarships and financial aid, please contact:

Animated Arts Learning Institute (AALI)
Phone: 1 (246) 242-0426 (WhatsApp)

This policy is effective as of 31st December 2023 and reflects AALI's dedication to supporting the diverse needs of our student body through merit-based recognition and financial assistance.

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