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Tuition and Other Fees Policy


The Animated Arts Learning Institute (AALI) is committed to providing transparent and equitable financial policies for all students. This document outlines the policy regarding tuition, compulsory fees, and other associated costs required for enrollment and participation in programs offered by AALI.

Policy Objective

To ensure that all students and prospective students are fully informed about the tuition and fees associated with their studies at AALI, facilitating clear understanding and effective financial planning.


This policy applies to all students enrolled in any program at AALI, including full-time, part-time, online, and on-campus courses.


-    Tuition Fees: Charges applied for enrollment in academic programs.
-    Compulsory Fees: Mandatory fees are required for student services, facilities, and administrative support.
-    Other Fees: Additional charges that may apply for materials, special programs, or activities not covered by tuition or compulsory fees.

 Policy Details

1.     Tuition Fees

a.    Rates: Tuition rates are determined annually based on program type and enrollment status (full-time or part-time).
b.    Payment Schedule: Tuition fees are payable by the specified deadlines, which are communicated prior to the commencement of each academic term. Payment plans may be available upon request.

2.    Compulsory Fees

a.    The registration fee is a compulsory fee.
b.    Purpose: This fee is used to fund the enrollment process and cover the cost of software licenses.

3.    Fee Adjustments and Refunds

a.    Withdrawals: Students who withdraw from a course or program within the designated refund period may be eligible for a full or partial refund of tuition fees, excluding non-refundable deposits and fees.
b.    Changes in Enrollment: Adjustments to fees due to changes in enrollment status will be processed according to AALI's withdrawal and refund policies.

4.    Financial Assistance

a.    Scholarships and Bursaries: AALI offers financial assistance options, including scholarships and bursaries, to help offset the cost of tuition and fees for eligible students.
b.    Application: Information on eligibility criteria and application processes for financial assistance can be requested by sending an email to

5.    Responsibilities

a.    Students/Parents/Guardians are responsible for timely payment of all tuition and fees and for informing themselves of any financial obligations associated with their enrollment at AALI.
b.    AALI is responsible for providing clear, accessible information about tuition and fees, processing payments and refunds in accordance with this policy, and offering support for financial planning and assistance.

Review and Amendments

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of AALI students. Feedback from students, faculty, and staff will be considered in the ongoing development and improvement of student support services.

Contact Information:

Animated Arts Learning Institute (AALI)
Phone: 1 (246) 242-0426 (WhatsApp)

This policy is effective as of 31st December 2023 and ensures that AALI maintains transparency and fairness in the financial aspects of student enrollment and participation.

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