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Animated Arts Learing Institute Programs are full time and online with tutor support
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AALI Workshops are both in-person and online
AALI Interactive Courses are geared towards visual learners
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System setup using Wacom tablet and laptop
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You can use and download AALI course work on the TalentLMS app


Attain Badges as you progress through each chourse



 Online 2D animation courses
2D animation school. Online animation courses

"Rooted in a passion for artistic expression and storytelling, AALI is dedicated to cultivating a new generation of creatives within the animation industry.

AALI's Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower creativity and foster innovation.
By emphasizing hands-on learning, mentorship, and industry-standard training, we endeavour to prepare students to be able to forge their way through the ever-evolving field of animation".

These are the characters used for the AALI Short course for 2D cut-out animation

These introductory courses form the foundation for the understanding of 2D Animation. We use the fundamentals to place you on a path toward a successful career.

Introduction to Toon Boom Harmony Beginner course

Introduction to Harmony


This beginner-friendly course will take you through the basics of using Toon Boom Harmony and what you need to get started using the software to become comfortable navigating it and creating animation.

Introduction to Character Design 2D_DESIGN_101

Character Design is one of the first steps in any visual storytelling medium.  Whether for Comics or Animation, a great character design will help not only to market your project but allow your audience to be more engaged. In this course, you'll learn how to make fully fleshed-out designs as well as what to think about while going through the whole process step by step.

Introduction to Character Design for 2D Animation
Introduction to 2D Animation in Toon Boom Harmony Premium

Introduction to 2D Animation in Harmony2DANIM_101

Learn the methodology of how to create an animated scene using 2D rigs in the industry-standard software, Harmony. We will share with you some of the tips and tricks in cartoon tv show production in 2D Animation

Introduction to Rigging in Harmony


This course will introduce you to basic rigging tools and techniques for Rigging in Toon Boom Harmony, used to create 2D character puppets and props for 2D Cut-Out Animation in Harmony Premium.

This is the Animated Arts Learning Institute's Introduction to Riggin in Toon Boom Harmony Premium course
AALI's 2D Animation 1-Year program
Learn how to create 2D animated walk cycles using Toon Boom Harmony Premium
Learn the History of Animation and about the pioneers who made great strides in the industry

This program is designed to be competency-based, ensuring that AALI students produce professional-grade animated content to build their portfolios. Upon enrollment, students will receive a comprehensive timetable for the year, including dates for seminars and workshops, aimed at upskilling and networking, to keep them up-to-date with industry trends and standards.




AALI's Professional Development Courses

Professional Development

Online interactive courses provide an easy way to improve professional skills. They offer customized learning, networking, and help professionals stay updated. With flexible schedules, they promote better work-life balance and create new career opportunities.

AALI Interactive Courses promote professional development
AALI Interactive Courses promote professional development

Teamwork Essentials

Project Management

Emotional Intelligence

Presentation Skills

Career Management

Marketing Skills

Finance Essentials

Cyber Security


Who is

The Tutors who teach and create the 2D animation tutorials for the Animated Arts Learning Institute

Meet the Tutors

AALI Tutors are experienced professionals with 10+ years in the 2D Animation Industry and are always available to assist Learners with any questions or concerns.

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